ALPHA KAPPA Chapter, Epsilon Sigma Phi
National Honorary Extension Organization


Article I - Officers

Section I. Election. At each annual meeting of the organization, a president-elect shall be elected from the membership by a majority vote of the members present and voting. They shall be elected for one year and each shall serve until their successor is duly elected and installed. The president-elect shall automatically become president at the end of their term as president-elect. The office of President-Elect will follow a rotation schedule to ensure all areas of Extension are appropriately represented. These areas are Specialist/Associates, Administration, 4-H Youth Development Agents, Agriculture/Natural Resource Agents, Family and Consumer Science Agents.

The secretary and treasurer shall be elected for a two (2) year term. The secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years and the treasurer shall be elected in the odd-numbered years.

Section II. Vacancies. If a vacancy occurs in the office of president, the president-elect shall automatically become president, completing the term in addition to their regular term as president.  In the event a vacancy occurs in other offices of the executive committee or committee chairs, the president will appoint a member to complete the term.

Section III. The elected officers shall hold the same offices on the Executive Committee that they hold in the organization. Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled the same way since they are the same officers.

Section IV. Immediate Past President will serve as the nominating chair and work with the nominating committee to secure officers before the annual meeting. The committee should be diverse in at least two program areas.. Voting shall be done by either a show of hand or by secret ballot, whichever the president may elect to use.

Section V. Installation of officers shall be suitably performed at the annual meeting at which they are elected by the retiring president or by a past president of the organization.

Article II – Dues and Fees

Section I. Initiation fees and dues. If the National Organization changes its dues, the dues for this chapter shall be changed automatically by the same amount. Alpha Kappa Chapter dues shall be set annually by the Alpha Kappa Board. Such changes shall be effective and collected for the year for which the National Organization makes it changes effective in order to meet the effective date of the change by the National Organization.  New initiates shall pay an initiation fee of $5. Retired members may obtain a lifetime membership by paying an amount equal to five times the annual national dues plus the sum of $25.00 at the time application is made for a lifetime membership.

Section II. Official year. Annual dues are due and payable in accordance with the date set by the national ESP board for the ensuing year.

Section III.  Delinquent members. All members who have not paid their dues within thirty (30) days after the dues deadline shall be notified by the National ESP Office. Those who have forfeited their membership by nonpayment of dues may be reinstated according to the National ESP guidelines.

Article III – Membership

To determine eligibility for membership, the membership committee shall work with extension personnel officials at UK and KSU to certify that the candidate has served three (3) years as an Extension worker, meets satisfactory performance standards, and is not already a member of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

It shall be the responsibility of the membership committee to notify prospective new members of their selection and determine their willingness to become members. New members shall be suitably initiated at the meeting at which they are inducted into membership. The membership committee shall be responsible for the initiation.

Article IV – Quorum

The members present at any meeting of the organization or its Board, which has been properly called, and for which clear and adequate notices were sent to the members involved reasonably well ahead of the meeting, shall constitute a quorum and conduct any business on which action needs to be taken.

Article V – Committees 

The president shall appoint special committees which the president deems appropriate or which the organization or its Executive Committee may request. The president may serve as a non-voting member of any committee at his or her discretion. Guidelines giving purposes and responsibilities of the appointed committees shall be developed by the Executive Committee for use by that committee.

Article VI – Emblems and Supplies

All emblems, membership cards, creeds, and jewelry of the organization shall be obtained from the National Organization or be approved by the National Board.

Article VII – Order of Business

The regular order of business of any annual meeting of the organization shall be as follows: 

  1. Call to order and remarks by the president
  2. Initiation of new members
  3. Approval of Minutes of the last annual meeting which have been placed in hands of members prior to this time
  4. Report of treasurer
  5. Report of the Auditing Committee
  6. Reports of other committees
  7. Unfinished business
  8. Other new business
  9. Election
  10. Installation of officers
  11. Adjournment

Article VIII – Recognition and Awards

Section I. The organization shall cooperate with the National organization in its award program and submit nominees for most awards for which this chapter is eligible. Exceptions are listed in Sections II and III of this Article.

Section II. Suitable recognition shall be provided members of Alpha Kappa Chapter in good standing as follows:

(a) Suitable awards may be presented each year for meritorious service to members of the organization who have not already received such awards. One award possible for every 150 members. The committee shall obtain written nominations, supported by justification in writing, from the membership at least sixty (60) days before the annual meeting. The outstanding nominees shall be selected by the Scholarship, Grants and Awards committee and receive final approval from the Executive Committee.

(b) Members who have attained twenty-five (25) years’ service with Extension shall be given suitable recognition as agreed upon by the Scholarship, Grants and Awards Committee, and the Executive Committee.

(c) Members who have retired during the year shall be given suitable recognition as agreed upon by the Scholarship, Grants and Awards Committee, and the Executive Committee.

(d) “In Memorial” statements shall be prepared for any member(s) of the chapter who dies during the year. These statements shall be prepared by the Chapter Relations committee unless otherwise directed by the president. The statements shall be recognized at the annual meeting and a copy shall be sent to the nearest of kin.

Section III. Suitable recognition and awards can be made to non-chapter members who:

(a)  Are effective Extension workers but not qualifying for membership because their tenure is less than three years.

(b) Are outstanding in giving desirable leadership and support to the Cooperative Extension Service in fulfilling its mission and attaining its purpose.

Article IX

Roberts Rules of Order shall be the guide for the parliamentary procedures at all meetings.

Article X – Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any regular annual meeting of the organization by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting provided notice is given, with the proposed amendment in writing, or electronically, to the membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.

Members’ suggestions for an amendment to the bylaws should be submitted to the Executive Committee and chair of the Chapter’s Relation Committee electronically at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.


Revised: Annual Meeting March 18, 2020