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Organizational Guidelines and Procedures
   Committee Chairs, Members, and Area Contact List
Committee Chair, Membership and Duties 

Meeting Documents 

Annual Meeting (March 30, 2022) Meeting Booklet  Minutes
January Board Meeting (Jan 31, 2022)  Agenda     Minutes     Financials
November Board Meeting (Nov 2, 2021)  Agenda  Minutes  Financials
Annual Meeting (March 29, 2021)  Meeting Booklet  Minutes

March Board Meeting (Mar 17, 2021)  Agenda     Minutes
September Board Meeting (Sep 23, 2020) Agenda    Minutes   
March Annual Meeting (Mar 18, 2020) Annual Meeting Booklet
February Board Meeting (Feb 26, 2020) Agenda     Minutes     Financial-Net Worth    By-Laws Change
September Board Meeting (Sep 16, 2019)  Agenda     Minutes     Financial     
May Board mtg (May 21, 2019)  Agenda   Minutes   Financial   
March Annual Meeting (March 19, 2019)  Agenda-Minutes Financial Budget 2020
February Board mtg (Feb 12, 2019)     Agenda  Minutes  Financial
November  Board mtg (Nov 27, 2018)  Agenda  Minutes  Financial
September Board mtg (Sep 18, 2018) Agenda  Minutes  Financial
May Board mtg (May 23, 2018)  Agenda  Minutes  Financial
Annual Meeting (March 21, 2018)  Annual Report
February Board mtg (Feb 5, 2018)  Agenda  Minutes  Financial  Member Roster (02/02/2018) 
November Board mtg (Nov 20 2017)  Agenda  Minutes  Financial
September Board mtg (Sep 22 2017)  Agenda  Financial  Minutes  Approved 2017 Budget
May Board mtg (May 8 2017)   Agenda  Financial  Minutes  Proposed 2017 Budget
March Annual mtg (Mar 21 2017)  Agenda  Financial  
Minutes    Annual Report 
February Board mtg (Feb 3 2017)  Agenda  Financial  Minutes 
November Board mtg (Nov 28 2016) Agenda  Financial  Minutes

September Board mtg (Sep 23 2016)  Agenda   Financial Report  Minutes
February Board mtg (Feb 29 2016)  Agenda   Financial Report    Budget Report    Proposed Budget 2016  Minutes
December Board mtg (Dec 17 2015) Agenda   Financial   Minutes    
September Board mtg (Sep 28 2015)  Agenda  Minutes
May Board mtg (May 18, 2015)   Agenda   Financial    Minutes
March Annual Meeting (Mar 18, 2015Annual Meeting Report and Awards Program
February Board Mtg (Feb 16, 2015)   Agenda     Financial    2015 Dues List    Minutes
December Board Mtg (Nov 25, 2014)   Agenda     Financial    Minutes 
Fall Board Mtg (Sep 29, 2014)  Agenda   Financial   Minutes    Committee-Area Contacts   Draft Updated Policies and Procedures
Spring Board Mtg (April 30, 2014)  Agenda     Financial     Minutes      Area Contact List
Annual Meeting (Feb 24, 2014)     
Agenda     Report Doc     Membership     Membership List     Evaluation Results
February Board Mtg (Feb 3, 2014)